Our playful obstacles create thought-provoking public spaces

Aesthetic Obstacles has made exhibitions, games and interactive experiences for public spaces since 2019 and consists of Alexis Holmqvist, designer and Per Gantelius, software developer.

We know game design, spatial and textual storytelling, graphic design, exhibition design and development of hardware and software. Our specialty is combining these disciplines to create integrated gaming experiences.

Based on each unique room, we find site-specific solutions where well-chosen obstacles and challenges awaken the audience’s participation and exploration.

We care as much about frame rate and ligatures as burial rites and suffragettes. Technology is just a means to an end – our focus is always on the story.

If you want to hear more about how we work, discuss new projects or just toss ideas around, get in touch at:


Our games are:

1. Accessible They can be played right away. Easy to understand and finish in a reasonably short time.

2. Activating They allow players to “do”. To interact in new, creative ways with their environment.

3. Narrative They create participation. Shaping the plot yourself gives a direct experience.

4. Exploratory They transform the room. Directed exploration drives new discoveries and insights.

5. Challenging They provide direction and goals. Well-chosen obstacles to master step by step right to the end.

6. Immersive They are shortcuts into complex subjects. Immersion becomes a key to understanding.

7. Fun They engage people. Mix all the points above and players want to play again. And again.